Monday, June 01, 2009


$68.2 million at the Box Office this weekend!
Go UP Go!



Congrats man, the concept for I've seen for the show has been amazing. Not to mention that UP came together beautifully!

Thanks for sharing some of your contributions here. Lovin' it.

mike said...

it was so great! i totally want a grape soda pin.

j. said...

I just saw your name in the art of UP book! Man, am I ever jealous and at the same time thrilled! Those posters you created (especially the South America one) are so fantastic! Awesome, awesome work, Paul! Congratulations.

And I loved the heck out of that film. I took a buddy who's a little stubborn about seeing Pixar movies and he maybe loved it more than me. Now if only I can get him to watch Ratatouille!