Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Help the Hodges

UPDATE: Official Press Release

Hey Folks,
I wanted to alert you to a non-profit ebay auction this coming Thursday, January 21 to raise funds for the family of animation artist Tim Hodge, whose son was in an auto accident last August and remains in a coma today.

Tim explained on his blog:

"As many of you know, my son was in an auto accident with a train back in August. He has still not regained consciousness, but is doing a little bit better each day.

As you may not realize, our short term insurance expired in September. The rest of the family could renew, but Matt became a pre-existing condition. So Matt's healthcare since that time has all been out of pocket. Vanderbilt Hospital was gracious to us and forgave our six figure debt to them. But Matt's ongoing care and future rehabilitation is still in the balance."

The website HelptheHodges.com has images and details about all of the donated artwork so far . It's already an incredible collection that includes pieces from folks like Pete Docter, Chris Sanders, William Stout, Drew Struzan, Charles Schulz, Nick Park, Frank Thomas, Craig McCracken, and Mike Mignola. Should you wish to help the family without participating in the auction, the Hodges’ website also has details on how to make a fully tax-deductible donation to the family.

If you can, please help this family in need.

(posted art above in order by Chris Sanders, William Stout, Frank Thomas & Multiple Artist "Jam")

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