Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's give him a hand!

...Two of 'em while we're at it.


MrBibleHead said...

Hey Paul! I love your monster puns! Man! That lighting on your Count Dracula face is phenomenal!! You have a new fan! Oh by the way, how I found you was through our pastors facebook page. Ron Zapia , Harvest Bible Chapel in Naperville. Did you used to go here? Love your blog! God bless and "Fangs" alot!

MrBibleHead said...

Hey Paul! I left a comment yesterday... but it mysteriously disappeared! Very fitting for Halloween and your posts. I love your monster puns. Classic. I also totally enjoy your style. Your blog ROCKS! Hey I found you through our pastor's facebook page. Did you used to attend Harvest Bible Chapel.... or just a friend of Ron's? You have a new follower:o) Fangs a lot!

Paul Conrad said...

Jack- Yes, I know Ron, and I did used to go to HBC way back when. Also--
no mystery on the posts, It just took me a day to see them and click "publish". Thanks for the Monster likes!