Friday, October 06, 2006


He's one tough HOMBRE!

This was for a luchadore thing over on drawergeeks.
I'm thinking that he may appear in one of the stories that I'm working on...

Stay tuned...more luchadores to follow!


Uloo said...

Loving both the offset of color and the colors so offset. Nice structure to this fellow, too.

Kevin Barber said...

Just incredible !!! Fantastico !!!

Yancy Street said...

uloo- yeah I had fun...and really wanted to go for a distressed and low tech handbill look! Like I say, he's one tough HOMBRE.

kevin-a big super luchadore gracias to you

chrishaley said...

I know I'm way late on this, but I've got to ask, how did you get that chalky/rough texture for your color strokes?
This looks like it was colored digitally, but that kind of effect is beyond me on how you wouldn't do it using "real" materials.
Hopefully, that's not asking you to spill too many of your trade secrets or at the least you won't mind pointing me in the right direction.
My most humble thanks.

Paul Conrad said...

Hey Chris,
It's no secret at all...
I'm just using standard photoshop brushes.
I pick a couple that are "off the shelf" and then go into the brush presets and adjust 'em to get whatever type of effect that feels "right".
After that, I'm just painting the stuff to look like dry brush...or after that, adding some grunge here and there to make the image look "distressed".
Make sense?