Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ho Ho Hoooooold On!

When it absotively posilutely has gotta be at all the boys and girls homes on Christmas night!


Anonymous said...

Awesome Santa pic!
i like your blog, good work.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Santa pic!!
i´ll come back, good work here.

Breadwig said...

I loved both of these. I think I like this one best though, mostly because I saw it first I think. You're work just has this awesome Conradiness to it. You know like, how you always knew it was a Krofft produced show, even if you'd never seen it before. Yeah, like that.

Anonymous said...

Yay new art! Love these Santa's. Very nice stuff :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations, i like your blog, and you began publishing when I created mine too!
good illustrations all of them! colors, shapes and composition.
good job
saludos from Spain, i invite you to visit mine!
i´ll come back soon ... ;-D

Anonymous said...

these are great man! keep em' coming.


Kent said...

Hey Paul!
Congratulations on getting on the Drawn website! How cool is that? (Great Santa, too!!)


Yancy Street said...

Anonymous 1- Thanks!

Anonymous 2- Please come back, youre always welcome here.

Breadwig-I loved those Kroft shows...mmm...Land of the Lost....

Anonymous 3- Cool!

Anonymous 4- Thanks, I'd love to come visit your blog...but I need a link! :)

Ovi!-Hey man!, How ya doin?... Yep, I'll keep 'em comin, just for you! :)

kent-Hey man, thanks. Yep, it's pretty darn cool!
Love your work too!

Is it just me, or are there a lot of folks named anonymous out there?