Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dr. Quicky Von Doom

Ever heard of him? He's Vic's shady brother.
My current freelance project is taking me away from the pencil and brush for a few days, so..
I hadda take a break and draw and ink something...real quick like.
Here he is in all his rapidly done glory:

...back to work now...


david rubín said...

hey Paul!
your Kirby touch is wonderful! I love it!

Thanks for your comment in my blog!


david rubín.

Paul Conrad said...

Dude...I absolutely love your work.
I just wish I could speak spanish, so I could read your site!

I highly recommend David's work can check him out here:

Breadwig said...

the line in the piece is so great. so free. so, full of super hero goodness.

Paul Conrad said...

Thanks breadwiggy,
I really tried to "not try" on this one, and do it as quick as possible. I think I was fairly successful on the last stroke or two.... :)

baby steps, baby steps.

Mister Tan said...

Paul, nice!!!


Paul Conrad said...

From you I take that as quite a compliment!
You are one of my INK HEROES! :)

thanks man,