Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pulp Iron

I want to thank Jeremy Mace and Michael Cho for posting my Pulp style Iron Man over at their "Tony Stark: Your Go To Guy" blog.
  • Check it out
  • A cool place to see different takes on everyone's favorite transistorized hero by some very talented folks!

    This guys' a little bit older ...about a year ago I think. Around the time I decided to pick up a brush and try my hand at inking....OLDSTYLE!
    This was for an Iron Man theme over at DrawerGeeks...I decided to try and reimagine ol Shellhead as a Pulp hero from days gone by.
    What would Tony Stark's alter-ego look like as a contemporary of Doc Savage and the Shadow?
    Dig those nutty retro repulsor gloves.....


    Anonymous said...

    Super cool! I like that a guy in an iron helmet would still rock the style by wearing his hat.


    Yancy Street said...

    Well, y'know it was the style of the time...he'd look like some sort of uncouth thug without it right?