Friday, February 23, 2007

Real T-Shirts!

I recently got my comp SRM shirts that are selling over at my friend Chris's online T-shirt store.

  • Freaky Kids

  • No matter if I do a t-shirt design, children's book, magazine illo, toy, logo, animated character or whatever...I still get a thrill seeing them as an actual product.

    A tangible thing....It's REAL!


    Greg said...


    let me know when you come out with coasters...

    Paul Conrad said...


    Seriously though....stickers, I'm thinking are next.
    The world needs Super Robot Monster stickers.

    Breadwig said...

    I got me one-a these bad boys and it rocks. All the kids at school are jealous.

    MC said...

    that's a sweet tee and an awesome design but $36 ($28 + $* s&h)for a t-shirt? Sorry, that's just friggin' ridiculous.

    Paul Conrad said...

    I'm glad you like the design!
    I forwarded your comment to Chris.
    If you want, you can contact him yourself here;

    I think he'd relish your feedback as he's just starting his business, and is fine tuning along the way.