Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Luchador of Love

Well...Valentine's Day IS just around the corner.

You can see him and a whole gaggle of other folk's Luchadores over at
  • Sugar Frosted Goodness!

    Mike said...

    I just wanted to say I really dig your work. I stumbled on DrawerGeeks a little while back and I got your URL from the signature of the Grim Reaper piece. Just wanted to let you know of a fan and that I'll be checking back for updates.

    paciente r said...

    Saw your coment on Rubin´s blog and came to see your works... I love them...Kep the good work coming...Ánimo!!!

    sarah said...

    Hilarious and awesome Paul. The lovey-dovey chest hair makes me giggle :)

    Paul Conrad said...

    Mike- Wow, that's cool, I guess I need to put my URL on all my stuff. Glad to have you here, come on back!

    paciente r- yes Ánimo!!! Thanks for coming!

    sarah- Aw...yer makin him blush. :)

    Joseph Sapulich said...


    Actually met a guy at Stateville who looked like this. The mask scares me. Haha. Nice design. Fun heart.