Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This is for the Supergirl meme that Dean Trippe is hosting, in response to the current direction the character is/has been headed. I have to agree with Dean, I can't remember the last time this character was cast in an appropriate light. It's a shame too, there's a great opportunity to present a "super" heroine and role model that I think girls would really respond to.

Go check 'em out...there are some very cool entries:
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    Dean said...

    wow! nice one, paul! :D

    Paul Conrad said...

    Thanks Dean...I really liked yours too...both of 'em!

    Uloo said...
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    Uloo said...

    Hey, I like this! Very moody. I like the modified school uniform look, too.

    "... I can't remember the last time this character was cast in an appropriate light."

    Well, I'm very, very fond of the (relatively) recent Peter David Supergirl series. I think David's Supergirl is very appropriate as a role model: She's strong but humble. She contributes to the common good, let alone helps her friends and family. She's willing to admit mistakes and does her darnedest to correct them. Despite her checkered past, she's rather idealistic.

    I would not classify the early Supergirl as an appropriate role model for girls. Her early adventures are funny, but the content of those stories is decidedly sexist.

    I think the Supergirl of the Seventies is a strong, appropriate role model. She's a college student, her views seem progressive, and she contributes to the larger good both as Linda and as Supergirl. Also, the Seventies costume is my fave.

    Good stuff, Mister Paul. I continually enjoy visiting your weblog.

    Paul Conrad said...

    Uloo-Glad you like my drawing!

    In regards to your comments...Touche'. I guess I shoulda looked before I leapt!
    I admit, that I haven't read the Peter David series, but upon your recommendation I will definitely check it out.
    I think more so than anything, I'm referring to either some of the recent convoluted re-booting's of the character (and as I put another size 14 into my mouth, I may be speaking of your very recommendation) that I've been aware of on the periphery of my comic readings...angels and earth spirits etc.. clones and whatnot as well as the super vixen renditions and "woops there goes my skirt again" stuff. I guess in that respect I'm a bit of a purist, but hopefully not perceived as a prude! :) Merely a "time and place" is all I'm saying....

    As described, the 70's version sounds more to my liking.
    I'll also admit that I enjoyed the origin and set up that Bruce Timm and company had for her on the Superman Animated series. Afterwards, viisiting her cousin in the big city, pal'ing around with Jimmy Olsen and solving crimes Nancy Drew style (with the secret super identity) was a kick.

    Thanks for pointing this out, and I'm THRILLED that you stop by and comment. Keep coming, the doors are always open and the kettle is on the boil for you my friend!


    Uloo said...
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    Uloo said...

    Hey, Paul, don't feel sheepish about your comments. I bet our respective levels of familiarity are roughly equal, but respective exposures to the character somewhat differ. I must admit my exposure to this current Supergirl is somewhat limited, still I share your distaste, my friend. At first glance she doesn't appear to be a reflection of any super girls I know.

    paulhd said...

    See, that's what I like about memes, I get to discover brilliant artisits I've managed to miss. Love your Supergirl, and the rest of your artwork.

    Paul Conrad said...

    uloo-agreed. I'd love to see your take...I'm sure it would be delicious!

    paulhd-Paul, that's what I love about people commenting...I get to follow there link and see their own great artwork! Love your stuff, and thanks for stopping by.

    ..."brilliant"? Um..you should talk with my wife about that. :)

    mike weber/fairportfan said...

    love the pleated skirt