Thursday, March 22, 2007

POWER GIRL! (and friend)

Well, honestly that didn't take too much effort for her.
But, I figure whoever was the boss of what's left of that robot there, well, he's got more where that came from....
He was just seeing what our gal from Krypton 2 was capable of.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm bettin on P.G.!

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    Tim Baron said...

    Great drawing,
    Perhaps the most modest non-pornified drawing of a female I've seen in comics in a couple of decades: )


    Andrew Glazebrook said...

    Really brilliant work !

    chrishaley said...

    Absolutely amazing.
    So am I to understand you live in Nashville?
    If this is the case, that means you'll have to be invited to the GuitarSuperHero Party Dean Trippe and I are planning for some point in the future.

    Paul Conrad said...

    tim-Yeah, I was definitely trying to go a different route.

    andrew-thanks man

    chris-Glad ya like her...I have a whole sequence plotted out in my head around this scene..would be fun to do, for sure.
    Yep, Viva Las Nashville!
    Are supervillians invited too? :)

    Adam Borg said...

    Wow I love this drawing it's so great! Anyway just wanted to let you know I really like it.

    THEdave said...

    I like yours cause I found the boob exposed costume to just be too close to a geek boy fetish wet dream.

    Nice work!