Monday, April 23, 2007

We Did it!

It's Official...the Pain Brothers are the new FACA Conference West CHAMPIONS!!!

And when I say "We" did it...I really mean "We" in all you voters out there. THANK YOU.
Here's a picture of the championship rings that are headed our way;

I'm sharing this ring with all of our supporters...I dedicate it to you! So, if you want to wear it for a bit, just stop on by. :)

Stay tuned for info concerning the upcoming WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 'BOUT!


kyle-latino said...

Shaboy! Give yourself some credit for coming up with monsters that people can really get behind and vote for.

Paul Conrad said...

Well thanks Kyle, I'm glad ya like 'em...
and my tag-team partner David Rubin is NO slouch!

I'm already thinking on my next monster/fighter...
stay tuned!