Friday, May 11, 2007

Hero or Super-Villain?

(For this weeks DrawerGeeks! challenge)
I wish I could take credit for the copy on this... but it's straight from a 1974 Marvel house ad that introduced Wolverine.

For those interested, here he is before I "aged" him:

Here's to you've come a long way baby!


kyle-latino said...

ooo, I know this one... I want to say hero, but... he is smoking. I'm going with most dangerous new super-villain ever.

Nice job. I like all your drawergeeks stuff.

sarah said...

Awesome stuff Paul! A fine Wolverine :)

david rubĂ­n said...



Meetch said...

Hi Paul, I love your work, especially the aging. i try to do that every once inb awhile with my own work but it never comes across well. Any chance you'll post a mini tutorial on how you aged this Wolvie piece?


Michael Cho said...

Fantastic! The way you've aged this is absolutely perfect.

And I love the kirby-ized wolverine!

Paul Conrad said...

Kyle-thanks man... yeah, isn't that copy a hoot?

Sarah- must have him confused with Hugh Jackman...this is a decidedly "un-fine" Wolvie... ;)

Thanks! I loved yours by the way. He looked VERY fine!

David- Let's see YOURS!

meetch- I'm pretty swamped right now...otherwise I'd love to. I'll try and do that sometime down the road. In the meantime check out this VERY GOOD tutorial here:

Michael- Thanks man...I was kinda thinking...
Hm...what would Wolvie have looked like if Kirby drew him back in the day...?
Not sure that he woulda looked ANYTHING like this!

Greg said...

I love the feel of the illustration after you aged it. It really brings out the feel of Jack Kirby's work.


Paul Conrad said...

Thanks Greg!
I went by your site...nice work!