Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Top Secret

And now back to our regularly scheduled sci-fi action melee...:

Having a great time on the new comic story I'm working on...not sure I can show more yet (if anything!).
I can say this: It's to be published in an upcoming book, by a comic publisher that you've heard of before, and the cover is going to be done by someone you've heard of too, who has an ongoing series that's recently been optioned as a film to be directed by someone that's made movies you've heard of too. Ha. Vague enough for ya?
Until then...here's another tease.
It has a bit of action to it...and yes...it's chock full of robots, rayguns, and super-powered beings.
All things a growing young boy or girl need. ;)


kyle-latino said...

I'm sure it's a long way off, but when (if I may ask) is this project going to hit the shelves? I am pretty psyched to see it. I'm already mentally budgeting some money for it.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that Paul "Ace" Conrad will be signing at a Comic Con booth next summer?

Paul Conrad said...

Kyle- I think it's scheduled to come out in November.
I'll have to get back to you on that.

John-You promised you wouldn't reveal my secret identity! :)
As to next summer's Comic Con...I have no idear. That seems far far away to me....

kyle-latino said...


OV! said...

P!hey man, its been a while. just wanted to say great job on the veggie books. my kids love that show. im gonna try and find the books in stores.

hope all is well.


david rubĂ­n said...

I can't wait to see that, man!!


sarah said...

Hey Paul! So exciting. I can't wait to hear more. By the way, I really loved your Parable story. Just fantastic. :)

Paul Conrad said...

Ovi- Hey man, it HAS been awhile! Hope you are doing well...thanks for the kudos on the books, and I hope your kids enjoy them.

David- Ha...me too!

Sarah- Thank you sarah...high praise coming from you! I LOVED your story as well. Beautiful in story and art.

Paul Conrad said...
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