Friday, August 29, 2008


A few months ago my friend, musician and filmmaker Greg Pope, approached me about doing the cover art for his upcoming solo album titled "PopMonster". Greg and I have a lot of similar interests, specifically sci fi and classic monster movies (he easily has the largest collection of Kaiju on vhs and dvd in this part of the country) and he thought I might be good at doing a giant robot monster inspired cover for his new rock n'roll album. (Don't know how he got that idea...)

Here's a few pics of Greg in action sporting a tasty SRM shirt;

Greg's just finished the final master of the album and is sending off the tracks and art today. I'll do a follow up post with the links to where you can purchase the album or go see one of his shows. (Since he'll be doing shows promoting the album, I may try and do a poster for one of his gigs too) Until then, he's got a link up with a couple of sample tracks from the new album here.

Greg's posting some news over here at his non-solo "group" site; edumund's crown

AND you can download a couple of free tracks from his previous album there too... this one's my fave: Keith Richards

Here's what the front and back for the PM album look like together, as well as the actual disc too.

For those interested, you can check out some of the process steps toward the final art below.

Some initial sketches:

And a few of the color concepts;


Breadwig said...

Sweet Beans all around. Love all the color studies. You know what I'm going to say next. Yeah. T-shirts buddy, T-shirts.

Vanhoozerbot said...

Rock on!!! I love this. Great robot, great colors, and your line work is rockin my socks. Lots of rockin going on!!!

John T said...

Nice attention to details in the gear, Paul. Wah wah pedal for a head ... awesome.

Tim Baron said...

Rock on man. This looks like you had a fun time working on it.

GIMETZCO! said...

this is sooooo great!

Paul Conrad said...

Bready-Oh man...I'll have to bring up the t-shirt idea to Mister Greg.

Van H- Scorpions Rock you like a hurricane rockin? Or Rockin with Dokken rockin?

JT-yep, you got it.

Tim- It's a giant monster robot. What's not to be fun about that? :)

G- Thanks man!