Friday, September 19, 2008

Soon to be Hot off the Press!

...Or Sometimes ya gotta dance with the one you brought!
Meaning: I'm going to have to put the SRM exploration to a halt for now, The Dreaded Deadline of Doom Dictates!
Heres' the Color versions of the SRM and Masked Pugilist Baltimore Comic-Con posters. If your gonna be in the neighborhood next weekend, these will be available at the AdHouse Booth at the show.

Still thinkin on the Masked Pugilist's colors..

I received some great feedback, and have adjusted the contrast on each of these... as well as darkening the ink layer on the Pugilist.
I know it still doesnt' pop as much as a "normal" comic image, but I did want to play somewhat with the relationship between the comic image and the graphic design elements and build a more "subtle-tension".
Hopefully I've succeeded. As is, they've been sent off to the printer.
Thanks again for the constructive comments.


John T said...

I'm going to go with the top version of the Masked Pugilist. I'm not sure I can tell you why, for sure, but I suspect I simply like the color pallet better.

Jon McNally said...

Them's eye-catchers, to be sure, Paul.

My penny-priced thoughts: As for comparing Pugilists, I don't prefer one over the other in poster form. However, I think either could benefit from a bit more POP. By contrast, beloved SRM leaps from the page, perhaps because we behold none of the BG color in his bulk (as we do see in the Pugilist posters). Alternately, slightly darker lines could increase the Pugilist pop-factor.

Vanhoozerbot said...

I say SRM all the way. Not only is the character awesome, but the color scheme really jumps off of the paper while still looking "vintage."

Besides, he would SO crush the other guy.


Tim Baron said...

WOW! these rock Paul. Love the SRM poster! I agree with Mcnally on contrast and pop for the Pugilist.

That being said I would still be tempted to buy both.

Breadwig said...

I like the colors on the bottom pugilist, however, I think the pugilist stands out a tad more in the top one. I wouldn't mind seeing him stand out even just a titch more. I want both posters bad buddy.

Paul Conrad said...

Thank you guys!
These are all great constructive pointers. I really appreciate your comments as I definitely needed some fresh eyes on these posters. You can see the updated images in this post.

Thanks again,


Honolulu Dogfight said...

Paul, these are fantastic! I wish I was going now, because these are a must have. Great work.

Greg Hardin said...

Dude, these posters are awesome! I want one of each!!

Paul Conrad said...

Thanks guys!

Bombproof said...

I just got editon number 48 in the mail! really excited to get them framed!