Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orion meets Carl Fredricksen

Hey folks,
'Have been hiding under a rock the past couple of weeks, apologies for the slow updates. Actually I've been working my tail off on a pretty cool project, that I think I can share after May 29 (hint hint).

As I've had my nose to the grindstone, that hasn't kept me from doodling on other things and ideas out on the periphery of my work ....Which used to get me into trouble back in grade school, right mom?

Here's a few more of my border thoughts:

And I came across this on the net.. someone had shot a pic of a pretty cool sculpt of Russell from Pixar's Up, 'sporting some of my work there:

Very cool to see it in three dimensions.
You can see more of the photos of sculpts and development art from the upcoming film here.

AND There's a pretty cool new "featurette" with the film makers of Up posted here.

Next up on the 'ol SRM blog, Paul and Lora's Excellent Adventure to San Francisco and the Up wrap party!



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Ev said...

Hey! Are you done yet? Get back to work! Ha! Just kidding. You've been getting hammered lately. But it's all worth it. Cool sketches man.