Thursday, January 04, 2007

Arrrrr....Avast Ye 2007!

Well, 2007 seems to be starting off with a bang...
I got linked over on
  • Drawn
  • (Merely the coolest blog around for illustrators, cartoonists, designers and their ilk.) Holy smokes, is that cool or what? :)
    If you've never been there, book mark 'em and check 'em out on a daily basis. I do.
    And, get this, a very cool publishing house is interested in SRM!

    Stay tuned folks, the show's just gettin started!


    John Trauscht said...

    Woo hoo for Paul! Woo hoo for Drawn! Argghh! But where's my cup of coffee?!?

    Yancy Street said...

    How many sugars was that again...?