Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This is a follow up to an earlier Capt. Marvel vs. Lizardo piece I more of a comic ink vein...
Below are the inks:

And an earlier colored version:

There are things I like about the original color's much subtler and has a softer mood...but someone told me they missed the energy of the bw inks, so I did the newer version (up top).

(pssst. yeah you. If you look closely at the top one you'll notice a difference in the drawing....;)


david rubĂ­n said...

wow! i love it!! very cool draw and very cool inks!!



Dominic Bugatto said...

Fun pic, nicely done!

Drazen said...

Neato! great stuff

Paul Conrad said...

David- thanks! I aspire to ink as good as you one day.

Dominic- thank you sir

drazen-! Drazen, why didn't you tell me you were coming, I woulda baked a cake! I'm honored to have you in my bloggy home....thanks for stopping by. Next time call and I'll make sure the cabinets are well stocked! :)