Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Robo Warm-Up

Whenever I'm inking something, I like to have a couple sketches laying around to warm up on...
Robo pincher here is one of those warm up guys...kinda like him though.
I may add some color if I get around to it.


Vanhoozerbot said...

This rules the hizzy!
Love it very much.

Is that a squid tentacle up there in the corner?
That seems like it would also be cool.


John T said...

Me like pinchy! Looks like a Robo Cop kinda thing where only his brain and face survived.

Paul Conrad said...

Vanhoozerbot-..."is that a squid tentacle..."
WELL OF COURSE it's a squid tentacle!
Maybe he'll find his way to my blog...

John t.-Pinchy Likes you too!

Uloo said...

Pinchy-robo needs to be a little plastic figurine standing on my desk.