Saturday, September 22, 2007

Coming Soon-Delayed!

Well, if you were looking for the story that I've been hinting about around here, you're going to have to wait just a wee bit longer. It was scheduled to appear in the upcoming Image Comics anthology "Popgun" Vol. 1 (out in November I believe), but due to circumstances beyond my control, chapter one of my sci-fi serial will be starting up in Vol. 2 (which comes out next spring I believe.)

You can read Newsarama's coverage of Vol 1. here:
  • Newsarama
  • and the official Popgun website here:

  • It's all looking very cool. In the meantime, I don't think I'd be giving away too much by posting this image from the story:

    If you've been keeping score, you'll recognize this as a retooled image that I've shown around these parts previously. Her costume has been tailored a bit, here and there...
    I was going for something similar to the "space suits" that Chuck Heston and company were wearing at the beginning of Planet of the Apes.



    Tim Baron said...

    Dude, looking great. Sorry to hear about the delay. I'm sure this will be well worth the wait though.

    I'm digging the clean line, the POTA/astronaut suit, color pallet, and of course the texturey stuff going on in the background.

    You're good at hinting at background elements without drawing every last detail of them.

    Kyle Latino said...

    Man, PotA... they don't make movies like that anymore. I mean, they try, but my generation has no Charlton Heston... sigh. That guy could put so much into his voice, yet still not quite over-act.

    Paul Conrad said...

    Tim-Thanks man!

    Kyle-I'm not sure about the over-acting...but I do love me some Chuck Heston. 'Ever see Omega Man or Soylent Green? Classics.

    ckaliff said...

    Really nice illustrations! Which programme do you mostly work in to do your illustrations? is it Illustrator? or do you paint by hand? Best regards