Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blast Off!

Blast off. Hurtling through the sky towards mystery and adventure.
That's what It feels like.
Like I've prepared for the mission, have climbed into the nose cone, checked the engines and have started the count down for ignition.
Ready to blast off-- towards..what? A strange new planet? The stars? Well not exactly, no, but... ... A new job, new town, state, friends etc..
We are moving from Nashvegas to the west it will definitely be an "alien world". Something far different than what we are used to, for sure.
I've accepted a position at an animation studio in California.
Strike that, not just "an" animation studio, but what I'd have to say is the coolest animation studio on the planet.
And we are loading up the truck (just like the beverly hillbillies) and movin to "bev-r-lee"...actually the bay area that is.
Leaving this weekend.........and adventure awaits. :)
Signing off for now,



Kyle Latino said...

Please tell me that you are going to be working on a reboot of 'Thundarr the Barbarian'. Wait, if you aren't, just say you are anyway...

Tim Baron said...

Congratulations Paul. That is wonderful man.

mike said...

godspeed, dude! that's so awesome.

Vanhoozerbot said...

You go Conrad.
I am excited for you buddy.
Travel safe and take care of business.
You are gonna kick butt out there.

Chad! said...

I'm gonna miss you a lot man. I wish we could have caught up before the move! Best luck in everything and you guys are in my prayers still!

Jon McNally said...

Say, hope the move went well. Would love to hear about your first day at work, when you have the chance to tell.

Breadwig said...

You go girl. No, wait. Anyway, this is awesome. Yer gonna knock 'em dead.

sarah said...

Hey Paul! I hope it's all going well for you and the fam. What an awesome adventure... :)

j. said...

Yeah, man! Congrats again! I can't wait to hear all about the job!

Monkeyfeather said...

Good to meet you earlier tonight Paul!

Anonymous said...

So, does that mean no more Super Robot Monster?

Paul Conrad said...

Sorry I've kept the phone off the hook so long....

Kyle- Man...I LOVE Thundarr. Sometime soon, I need to do a tribute piece. You know Kirby worked on that right?

Tim-Thank you. Loved your Christmas card by the way. Very nice.

mike- Thanks man.

v-hooz-bot- I'm not sure I've kicked any butt yet...but there are a few boot marks on my own derrière!

chad- I miss you too friend...and thank you for the prayers, we need 'em!

jon- The move is still "ongoing"... my family is coming out (with all our housely goods) after Christmas.

breadwig- thanks bud

sarah- Things are going well..and they are getting better daily. Yeah, it IS an awesome adventure...but you have an awesome adventure of your own going on! When is the due date? Oh, and I loved your starbelly! (the "nude" one especially)

j.- Hey man! I saw that Darwyn was going to be out this way for Wondercon, if you are too we definitely need to hook up!

monkeyfeather- Hey man! It was great meeting you too---I loved your pieces.

john t- no more SRM? I think not, no John as long as there are good people like yourself, there will always be...a SUPER ROBOT MONSTER!!!!

:) Thanks for the support folks, it means a lot!