Sunday, December 09, 2007

Welcome back....

(Insert Welcome Back Kotter theme)
Wow...well it's been awhile for sure. Sorry about that, to say "I've been busy" would be an understatement!
As I stated in my last long ago...
I've moved out to the California bay area ... and am working at Pixar Animation on the upcoming movie titled "Up".
'Afraid I can't say much more than that about it, but I'm having a good time, and am definitely being "stretched" as an artist and human being. The best part about it, is meeting and working with all the great and talented folks that are already out here.

The move has been a bit tougher than I'd imagined, some of that is due to the cultural whiplash moving from Tennessee to the San Francisco area....some being the day to day adjustment from freelance artist working from my home, to working in an "on-site" studio environment...and the hardest part has been the emotional hurdle of separation from my family who are still living in TN. They will be joining me over the Christmas holiday though....thank goodness! We have a place to live in and are looking forward to exploring the natural beauty that this state has to offer. Yosemite here we come!

Here's a couple of views from our new domicile;

(that's San Francisco in the distance)

(and the Golden Gate bridge in the far off..)

For those of you who are interested in tracking my art and stories... I have a short story that I want to get off my chest, about a spaceman voyaging to a strange planet...(wonder where I got the inspiration for that one....)
And a longer story next, that I've hinted around about these parts before.

Here's some inklings from those stories...:

I'll be answering questions & comments etc.. asap. And if you'll look at my links bar you'll notice a couple of additions;
My buddy Everett Downing... very talented animator and story guy. Go check out his site, and look for his upcoming story "The Soul Cage" stuff!
Also be sure and check out his report on the recent Maverix Charity auction...great art donated for a great cause... if you look, you'll see my ugly mug hobknobbing with all the cool kids.
I also linked Lou Romano, whom I have the privilege of working with. Great guy and great artist ....check out his work, you'll be glad you did!
And I have a link for the Little Friends of Printmaking...always inspiring.

OkeyDokey...I'm off...but I promise not for long this time. ;)


Breadwig said...

Whew, you're back. Amen! Dude, that first drawing on this post, awesome, just awesome. I hope the new job continues to go spifferooni. They're lucky to have ya.

Bill Z said...

love that sketch at the top of the post

Mr Scribbles said...

Alright! You're officially posting again! Excellent!

Tim Baron said...

Welcome back Paul. Congrats on the new job too.

Paul Conrad said...

Thanks guys! It's good to be back....