Friday, December 21, 2007

Recycled Christmas!

Happy Holidays,... or if that offends..."Season's Greetings!"...whatever that means...
Aw for pete's sake!....MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Hope everyone has a blessed holiday, I'm off to spend the week with my family in Tennessee, and bring them back with me to oh-so-sunny California!
I didn't have time to make any Cards this year, so if you'll forgive, I'm recycling from last year.
See you in 2008, Feliz Navidad!


Philip Dimitriadis said...

Hi Paul,
Congratulations on your move out here to sunny CA, hope all is going well for you and your family. Love your blog here Paul...and your Santa design cards are awesome.
Really nice work as always. I got to link you up.
Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year.
take care, god bless
Phil D.

Paul Conrad said...

Thanks Phil,
I just moved the fam out last weekend...whew.
It's good to have 'em close.

I just stopped by your blog, great stuff man!
Good to hear from ya,


SuperRobot said...

Hi Paul,

found your blog by chance.

just wanted to tell you i really like your super robot monster.

is it ready for a fight against my SUPERROBOTS? (u can look them uo here

Anonymous said...

Dude, I know your are busy, but it's spring now not Christmas I want to see just one little post. Please.