Friday, July 11, 2008

The Return of SRM....or ... Lazarus Rise!

Or something like that. Whew. Where the heck has this guy been?! If you're interested, read on, if not look for the next post (which I'm working on right now!)

Well, long story short; I accepted a job at Pixar Animation Studios in the fall of last year, and my family and I moved to the bay area of California. As you may have noticed the American economy has been in trouble, and we were unable to sell our house back in Nashville the entire time we were in Cali. The job was very cool, I made some great new friends, learned lots and created lots of art....but the financial situation and the area we had to live in because of said finances just made things too tough on our family. We started weighing it all and the cost to stay there was too high...moving back into the house we already owned, the good neighborhood, good schools and friends all seemed to make the most sense. So.... here we are, right back where we started...sort of. A little rougher round the edges, but certainly wiser and very happy to be back. The previous situation with new job, cramped space and all sorts of stress really prevented me from working on any outside projects...hence the lack of postings here-abouts. Well, I'm here to tell you...that's all about to change!
I've about got my home studio re-set up and I'm rairin to go... I've got lots of catchin up to do! So without further ado...the real reason why y'all come by these parts: Bring on the Art!


Jake Parker said...

aw man, sorry it didn't work out, but it sounds like you made the best decision. I had the same problem when I moved from Dallas to NY to work for Blue Sky. But it was just before the big drop off on housing, and we were able to sell after about 7 or 8 months. Still, those were dark days.

Anyway, glad your back, and I'm excited to hear of your exploits in the west and see new art from you.


Jon McNally said...

Gee, I knew wisdom came at a price, but I didn't know it was the price of a house. I'm warmed by the optimism in your post, sir, and look forward to news of your future exploits.

Breadwig said...

Welcome back! Now you can give my blog the kick in the pants it so badly needs.

Paul Conrad said...

Thanks Jake. Yeah, it was a rough go, but we learned a lot through it, and it pulled us closer together as a family too.

Glad to be back! Stay tuned for exploits and art!

Jon- We are very happy, and in some ways I feel like I'm coming out of suspended animation. Lots of exploits to come! ;)

breaddy- thanks...and your blog don't need no pants kick...heck look at the shambles mine is in!

j. said...

Aw, man! That's rough! But jobs come and go, family is forever. Can't wait to see new art and read the stories of your adventure in San Fran.

Nice choice of wording there, by the way..."suspended animation". I guess you've been "re-animated" by Pixar. :)


Paul Conrad said...

Thanks J.,
Yeah it was tough to give up that gig...but I knew it was the right thing for the family. I've already seen plenty of proof that it was the right decision. Whew.

Yeah, stay tuned for more art...I'm ready to rock it out.
And, yeah I'll try and share some SF stories... most of them I'll have to bend your ear over a beer some time!

Ha...funny on te re-animated. Yeah, I guess your right. ;)


Paul Conrad said...
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Anonymous said...

well i am glad you resurfaced.....let's catch up some time......tomt333