Thursday, October 09, 2008

the New Brighton Archeological Society

Quick update; I've been pretty swamped between the day gig, and a very cool freelance gig the last several weeks...which I'm afraid I can't really show anything on for now, but I can say that you'll be able to see it in theaters very soon! ;)
I'm also working on some SRM exploration and character design, and should have something to share on that by next week I'd think....

In the meantime, here's one from the archives; When I was saddling up to contribute my "Bloom" short story for the Image Comics anthology Popgun (currently on sale over at amazon), I was asked to create a logo for the original graphic novel they have coming out titled "the New Brighton Archeological Society". The client wanted it to target kids, and have a school crest/ coat of arms feel, that would nod to all of the mystic and arcane goings-on in this "all ages" series.
I was going for a Harry Potter meets Hellboy kinda feel...

I was also asked to create a new logo for the series "The Engineer", with the direction to make it indicitive of Pulp books like The Shadow, mixed with the old Famous Monsters and Eerie Warren titles...and with a twist of "soviet union" too, as the main character is a Russian Cosmonaut that gets mixed up in all sorts of fantastic goings on.

We went through quite a few versions and at the last minute this one was punted for their previous version, but the NBAS one is still being used. In fact I saw this solicitation in Previews;

I thought the overall contrast and feeling of both the logo and the overall cover could use a little boost, so I comped up a couple of possible alternates. It looks like they may go this direction now.... stay tuned.


Tim Baron said...

Beautiful work man.

Nice synthesis of logo/typology and illustration. Curious, do you buy alot of your fonts specifically for projects via House Indestries, etc?

mignola would be proud: )

Breadwig said...

I love this logo. And I like the new layout you did too, very nice indeedio.

sarah said...

Both these logos are wonderful Paul. :) They'd both make great tees too!