Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back from Baltimore!

I had a very good time in MD over the weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con.
It all started off with a tour of the cool creative community of Baltimore. A great lunch at the Golden Harvest (I had the breakfast burrito), a curios shop crawl (C you really should have bought the owls and the doe eyed puppy painting) and a visit to super cool Atomic Books. Then on to the Orioles game Friday night, hanging out with O's fan Chris Pitzer and sitting in with a section of comic book folks. Walt Simonson sat right in front of me :) Heck, Jim lee threw out the first ball.... Just look how far as a people we've come!
The game was rained out in the 7th inning, so Chris, new friend Stuart and I made a run for it. 'Covering heads and dodging puddles, we made it to a local pub. After wringing ourselves out, we spent the rest of the evening discussing the finer points of Jedi attire and lightsaber assembly over some local brew. Honestly the highlight of the trip!
Saturday was the first day of the show, went to my first Harvey awards that night, watching the current greats of the industry honor their peers, then wrapped it all up on Sunday. The show itself hosted the likes of Mike Mignola, Darwyn Cooke, and of course Jim Lee! Not to forget, Jeff Kinney, author of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". The lines for those folks were really nothing short of amazing.
As far as how I myself faired, I think it went rather well... Chris let me camp out at his awesome AdHouse table, which I am very grateful for. It was some good exposure and experience for me, and hopefully didn't soil his reputation too much in the process!
I met some great folks, made some new friends, sold a good many prints and got some positive feedback on my art. ... Specifically folks wanting to know more about SRM; When, who, what... "Where's your book?" All that to say, I walked away encouraged by the response and more resolved to bring SRM's story to life. My current goal, barring the arrival of hell or high water, would be to have it close to print-ready come springtime.

Also, I have some of the afore-blogged about Baltimore Comicon Posters left over. If your interested, drop me a line!

'Til next time, here's some pics from the trip!;

Great atmosphere at the Golden Harvest. I highly recommend... check out my menu; made from a Barbara Streisand album... Man, was she cute back then or what?

Jim Lee on the Jumbotron.

How about that view of the diamond? (that's the back of Walt Simonson's noggin in the red cap)

Here comes the rain again.

Dinner before the Harvey Awards.

My wares at the AdHouse booth.

SRM for a sketchbook. Just look at that concentration!


Chris Pitzer said...

I had a fantastic time as well Paul. Really glad you could make the trip.

Chad! said...

It was so great hearing about the con from you yesterday. It looks like you had a great time....hopefully next year I'll be able to join in on the fun!

rico said...

Great meeting you at the con Paul. Now I owe Chris for introducing me to another great artist! I'll treasure my Comicon posters and that Supergirl is sweet! Thanks!

Paul Conrad said...

Chris-That was a GOOD TIME. Looking forward to doing that again sometime. Thanks again. :D

Chad-Yep, would love to hang out again. Nashville just aint the same without ya.

Rico- Thanks for the kind words...but Dude... you ROCK. I loved the work you shared with me...and Loose Ends is amazing. Can't wait for the "real deal".
It was good meeting you, and I look forward to seeing what else you have coming out in the future.