Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Danger Rudolph Danger

'Working on a pretty cool project right now (hope to show you some of it soon), I was searching through my archives for some related reference and happened upon some things that I thought were kind of interesting...  So I guess we'll call this segment;

 TALES from the SRM Attic

This was a story I was working on a few years back, very 1950-60's B movie inspired, with jet pilots vs giant alien robots... (I think I can detect a heavy New Frontier influence too.  ;)
Here's some doodles from that stalled project;

And in the holiday spirit, heres the cover I did  over a year ago for a new Little Golden Book  retelling of the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer story, which I haven't seen yet, but I believe it's on the shelves now.... Ho Ho Ho!

Update:  You can get it online at


Honolulu Dogfight said...

I would love to read that story!
Are there any plans to pick it back up?

Chad Carter said...

Your bulky bruiser 1950s robot sweet love is mesmerizing. I think you're destined to draw a comic with a giant robot protecting a female warrior-woman society from a massive flaming gorilla with four arms. It has to happen.

Jeremy Mace said...

I love the rocketships and the air force dude. Awesome, as usual.

Tim Baron said...

great work man. Love the Rudolph!
Rankin Bass would be proud: )

Paul Conrad said...

HD- hmmm no current plans but it's one of many that are orbiting my cranium... maybe it will edge it's way back in line after SRM get's his turn.

Chad- " bulky bruiser 1950s robot sweet love"
Man I like the sound of wrong, but so right.
I like your story idea too... let's get that going!

Thanks Jeremy and Tim... I watched Rudolph and SC is comin to town again this year! Love those shows.