Tuesday, December 09, 2008

In Theaters Now!

I've been meaning to say something about this, but wanted to wait until it was actually going to see it's theatrical release. Well that time has come!

I had the pleasure (and I really had a blast) to work on the new animated short from Pixar featuring the characters from their previous movie Cars. Starting this weekend (Dec. 12th) it's attached to the front of Disney's Bolt.

It's called Tokyo Mater and as the titled suggests it all takes place in downtown Tokyo. (Somewhere I've always wanted to visit since watching UltraMan as a kid) Anways, I had a great time mostly doing graphics for all of the BladeRunner-esque signage and motion graphics in the "times square" sequences as well as some of the character "costumes". Everything with that Cars world "wink". Be sure to check out the "House of Donuts" too! :)

"I thought it was as visually arresting as the first time I saw TRON... that sort of crazy neon beauty.

We ended up watching it twice back-to-back, just so we could soak up even more of the back-to-back-to-back visual gags and design details."

From today's write up about it as well as another image over at Aint-it-Cool News.

UPDATE: There's a few more promotional photos and a more detailed press release over at Coming Soon.net

ALSO attached to Bolt is the first offical trailer for next summer's Pixar release UP, which I also had the pleasure of working on. This is going to be one very cool film, directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson. Check it out over here in HD: Up Trailer.

'Looking forward to seeing both of these on the BIG screen!


SteveLambe said...

Really? It wasn't in front of Bolt when I watched it over the weekend.

Did they not put it before the 3d version?

Paul Conrad said...

Aw man, I'm sorry about that... We almost went on opening weekend and I found out it wasn't going to be attached til this coming Dec. 12th weekend.

Maybe if you take your ticket stub they'll let you watch a print with the Cars short attached?

Breadwig said...

Well, I'm sure glad I waited! Now I just have to see if Merrill wants to go. Congrats dude, this is way cool stuff.

Vanhoozerbot said...

This rocks really hard man. I can not WAIT to see your stuff on screen. I'm so proud!

Tim Baron said...

Congratulations Paul, this is so exciting. Love your new header.
Have a Happy Christmas.

Paul Conrad said...

Thanks guys,
Saw it last weekend with the fam and thought it looked great! Now just 5 months to wait until UP comes out.... ;)

And a very Happy Christmas to you too Tim!