Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New Pantheon

Here's an early peek at some development sketches for a group of costumed folks that will be appearing in the comic book combat I'm currently working on.
(p.s. a certain giant monster robot will be making an appearance!)

Boy howdy, the super powered fur is gonna fly!


Seth said...

Love the jet pack.

Chad Carter said...

I absolutely love the Atomic Skull-looking cat and the four-armed 1960esque bug-guy! The rest ain't exactly tuna casserole either, sir!

Breadwig said...

well, these are sure jam packed with fun.

Vanhoozerbot said...

I love all of these guys actually.
And combined with a certain giant monster... how can you miss?

When can I buy this?


Anonymous said...

Just kinda stumbled on this blog, and I'm loving everything! Nice work!

Jon McNally said...

Oh, boy, this stuff screams for eventual fan art. ;)

Paul Conrad said...

Seth- Maybe if you're on the good list this year Santa will bring you one! (the green non fossil fuel burning one of course)

Chad- Thanks!

Breadwig- Jam? What flavor?

Vbot- Why at your friendly neighborhood comic shop of course!

JR- Glad ya stumbled in. Come on back now, y 'hear?

Jon- Oh man... Uloo Fan art? That's about as good as it gets.

Joe Blow said...

I see your Kirby influence !! Keep it up,
Your new fan
Mike in Fl