Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sam Wilson-The Falcon!

Everett Downing keeps on challenging me... in more ways than one.
He's been sharing some behind the scenes work for his soon to be released MOJO story, and it is kicking my behind... in a really good way. Wait'll you see it! (You can find out more at his inspiring art blog)

As before with Luke Cage, he's thrown a Falcon shaped gauntlet at me this time... Check out what he did here. It's awesome.

My response:


Ev said...

THAT ROCKS SOCKS MAN! I love it! Man... I need this framed. (hint hint)

Jon McNally said...

High-flyin' work, Mistah C!

This version of the Falcon's costume ranks among the best super-threads EVER. It's so slick and evocative.

The newer version I don't like so much. Regardless of their shape, transparent wings look like bug wings to me.

rico said...

That's one rambunctious rendering of the fearsome Falcon my friend!!

Breadwig said...

Ooooo, I like him even better with the color! Beauty.

Paul Conrad said...

Ev- Hmmm.... think baby girl would like that next to the crib? :)

Jon- Thanks Mr. M. I agree on the Falc's costume... it's "super".
Wonder if Jazzy John Romita designed it? Does anyone know?

Rico- 'Nuff Said!

Bready- Are you sure? I was worried that I mighta over worked him a little in that respect....

Thanks for the comments guys!