Monday, February 02, 2009

Mining the Negative Zone

This piece was inspired by the Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four books. It represents a control interface for opening and maintaining a portal into the "Negative Zone", as well as allowing tracking and observation of the "away team" as they navigate an asteroid field in hopes of harvesting/mining energy rich alien ore found at the core of one of the larger N-zone asteroids. IE: Something that would be on a big screen in front of Reed Richards.

Control Detail:

Tracking Detail:

Additional screen focusing on the "away team" as they mine the Negative zone asteroid.


Brian Churilla said...

You are reaching new levels of cool, man. This looks outstanding.

Would make an AWESOME t-shirt.

mike said...

this is so cool, paul!

Tim Baron said...

Wow...I'm impressed. I could never rock something like this.

High-5 and knuckles to you Paul.

Jake said...

Super nice designs. I can totally see them animated.

Chris Pitzer said...

It's ALMOST something I'd see on Babylon 5!

Breadwig said...

Yeah, these are sock'em bopp'em good. These would be right at home on a touch screen tablet pc or the like.

Paul Conrad said...

Thanks guys, and "ha" to you Mister Pitzer!
Yeah Jake, the thinking was that all this stuff would be animated in AE..

Thanks for your comments,