Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The cosmic fur's gonna fly!

I've had the chance to point out the very fun comic ( Fun to read AND to look at!) Jersey Gods from Image comics.
As I said before, if you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, run down to your local comic's shoppe and pick this book up!

Well in the course of my fan-boy gushing, Dan McDaid ( the inspiring artist that illustrates this title) invited me to do a pinup.   After picking myself up off the floor..., I decided to show the book's star hero Barock in toe to toe cosmic combat with his overgrown nemesis Minog
Man, these guys are fun to draw!
If all goes well this should show up in an upcoming issue--SO keep your eyes peeled for it True Believer!

Here's a bit of the process for those interested,

Initial roughs:

My scanner was on the fritz for a couple of here's a phone pic of the pre-clean up inks:

The cleaned up version:

and the full/un-cropped colors:

See you in the funny papers!


KW said...


cerebus660 said...

What a Kosmic Konfrontation!!
Great stuff!

Chad Carter said...

Good to see you kicking, Commander Conrad. Love the piece!

Give us news on what's happening in the Conradiverse!

Ev said...

Amazing as always my friend. You're keeping me humble! ;)

Rick said...

Very cool Paul you are just knocking them out of the park! Hey visited Pixar a couple weeks back and saw you UP banners. Man they are sweet!
Rock on!

Rick said...

Oops I meant your UP banners. That is what I get for typing too fast!;) Anyways I always like seeing new stuff on your blog and I need to check out this new comic! Always dig "The King" influences as I get them myself. Later.

Paul Conrad said...

KW- thanks

Cerebus- :)

Chad-Thanks,... yep still kicking, they ain't stopped me yet.

Oh man, well... I've been super busy with various art projects and home stuff...but am hoping to have the first book of a trilogy ready to launch after Christmas/spring time or thereabouts.

Ev- Aw shucks... MOJO is keepin me humble. Keep it up!

Rick- Hey, glad you liked the UP banners... that's a pretty cool venue to seem them in for sure! Glad you dig the King too.

Dan McDaid said...

Paul, I love it!


Paul Conrad said...

Dan- It was my pleasure. Looking forward to more great things from you in the future.