Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hey Ma! Look- I'm on MTV!

..and I didn't even have to dance or sing!
Here it is on MTV and then over here on Aint-it-Cool news too...
..and several more of those internet-type places as well.

I originally created 5 of the posters that they are showing, for display in the Pixar atrium a while back and was surprised to see them all over the net yesterday!
Disney is getting ready to release Pixar's Up on DVD (November 10th) and they have released the poster images to help promote it. I really hope that they help drive interest in picking up the film when it's truly is a great film and I'm very proud to have worked on it.

Checking out the DVD specs online, it looks like there's going to be lots of great extra features (including Pete Sohn's incredible short "Partly Cloudy" and a new "Dug's Adventure" short), ....I may just have to get the Blue-Ray... uh...and a blue ray player too I guess. ;)

NOTE: Some of the websites that are displaying the posters are crediting the art incorrectly though. Besides the ones that I did;

Erik Evans did the "Paradise Falls" (with Kevin the bird).

Craig Foster did the SAA South American Air (with the Lama).

and Eric Tan did the "Journey into the Wild" (with Muntz's dogs).

Allright folks, that's all I got right now... maybe I'll post some of my development art from the film to celebrate the release of the DVD. (I probably had better check first though....)


ghostLAB.DS said...

Congrats on getting some publicity, Paul! You've got such an impressive and wide range of work, I'm not surprised its getting some attention.

Jen1 said...

They're beautiful. I so want them, each framed on my wall, *sigh*.

Thank you for creating them!