Sunday, February 04, 2007

WIP Lizardo

Here's a peak at one of the things I'm working on right now...


King of Hearts said...

Very fun shapes and lines here! I like it a lot! He has personality too.

david rubĂ­n said...

cool & impact!!!

good character, congratulations!!


Vanhoozerbot said...

Nice work.
Me likey the colors, and that silly grin on his face.
Smooth moves all around.


Paul Conrad said...

King- yep, he sure does. He's a real rapscallion!

david-thank you!

J-Dog- Aw man...I hope you still like him when you see him...I already changed those smooth colors.

j. said...

Fun! I hope you're doing the entire line of Caveman vs. Dinosaur cards! I think that is the swellest idea I've heard in a few years!


Paul Conrad said...

j.- Well thanks! Now, be sure and tell all your friends about it!